The “GreenEvent” certification:

• is issued by the Waste Management Office of the Autonomous Province of Bolzano

• includes 93 criteria to be respected

• takes resources, waste, mobility, catering, energy, communication and acoustics into consideration

• requires a mandatory training course for event organizers

• requires a final report with documentation to check the effective compliance with the criteria

• is only awarded from the second year of participation in the program, which is why the first edition of the festival was awarded the “Going GreenEvent” certification

Given the success of the previous edition, this year the festival received the “GreenEvent” certification as over three-quarters of the criteria are observed.

Specifically, the following measures were adopted for the Sustainability Festival:

Particular emphasis was placed on advertising through digital channels (Facebook, Instagram and website) in order to minimize the consumption of printed material. The latter is printed entirely on 100% recycled paper. In addition, toilet paper and food products are certified under the Ecolabel brand.

The event takes place at the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano, allowing the use of dry waste bins and recyclable materials (efficiently distributed and reported) reserved for the institution and which are properly emptied by those responsible. Additionally, participants in the event are invited to appropriately separate waste.

The event venue is the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano, situated in the city center and easily accessible by bus, train, bicycle, or on foot. We encourage all participants and collaborators to choose environmentally friendly means of transport. On our website there are links to information about public transport schedules and the city’s network of bike lanes.

The building of the Free University of Bolzano is CasaClima certified, and the energy used for heating comes from renewable energy sources. In addition, lighting systems in the passage zones are activated through motion sensors to avoid energy waste.

Informative posters (that meet the necessary environmental standards) will be exhibited to keep the participants of the festival up to date.

In order to reduce noise pollution, local residents are informed of the event. In addition, existing relaxation areas such as the library area are used and a relaxation area is provided during the day.

All the measures we are trying to comply with are listed in the checklist.

For more information about certification: