The spirit of the festival is to create an event that, although organized by students for students, is also open to the public and that spreads issues related to sustainability and a lifestyle environmentally friendly. The aim is to stimulate an exchange of ideas in order to make sustainability a concept very close to everyday life and much more practical than it seems to be. The actions we take every day will thus become more resource-conscious and more environmentally responsible and will inspire people around us to want to inform themselves about sustainability issues, thus causing a kind of knock-on effect that could lead to the wider spread of more sustainable and aware consumption and living.

This year the focus of the festival will be on sustainability, understood as attention to what is around us daily and the enhancement of local consumption and reuse. Recycling, saving energy and raw materials, reducing the consumption of plastic and the use of disposable packaging, critical reflections on choices that concern our daily life (consumption of organic and seasonal products), the enhancement of products that come from South Tyrol, The possibilities of a sustainable lifestyle in Bolzano will be brought to the attention of the participants through workshops, conferences, dissemination of information material through online channels (social media), activities and discussion possibilities both during the festival itself and during the semester.

The group that this year is responsible for the organization of the festival is composed of about fifty students, from different faculties and different nationalities. The main language of communication for the organization is English, to allow the highest degree of expression among the organizers. Nevertheless, the intention is to promote the trilingualism that characterises the Free University of Bozen/Bolzano. Consequently, the festival will propose materials and information in all three languages of the university (Italian, German and English) and at the workshops there will be the possibility to participate in the language of your choice.