students spreading sustainable living awareness

The event, which will take place on 16-17 April 2019, will be made up of conferences, debates, film screenings and a variety of workshops catering to the interests of a wide audience. There will also be live entertainment and social events, as the festival aims to be a space for both learning and playing.

The primary goal of the festival is to be informative, and to help people think about sustainability in terms of the economy and our society as a whole, and not just as an environmental issue. Participants to the event will learn about the current state of our ecosystem and how we can, as both individuals and a society, live a more sustainable life. Through this event we will spread awareness of sustainability as a concept, and deepen our understanding of sustainability and how we can apply it in the way we think and go about our lives.


At the end of two days full of conferences, workshops, moments of dialogue and exchange of ideas comes the unquestionable and undisputed time of celebration!
The party will be on the 17th of April from 18:00 until 22:30 in piazza Darwin!

The pre-sales will be on:
– Tuesday 2/4
– Wednesday 3/4
– Thursday 4/4
from 12:00 to 14:00, for 5€!
They include an amazing sustainable dinner and the entry to the party!
For those that don’t have the possibility to get the ticket in time, don’t worry! We are going to sell them also at the entrance of the party for just 7€!

If students from Brixen or Bruneck want to participate, you have to write us an email so that we can save you your tickets! (

Benjamin Yellowitz e Vixen sound (Dj) 
– Trio Jazz dal Conservatorio di Bolzano
Il Mercatovecchio 
Rebel Rootz
Check and see the amazing artists that are going to come and make our evening unforgettable!


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