students spreading sustainable living awareness
Sustainability festival 2019

The festival is a green event organised by Kikero, a student association of unibz. The fourth edition of this festival is open to the whole community, and is inspired by the UN’s 17 sustainable development goals, which the organisation aims to achieve by 2030.

last editions

Starting from 2016 the Sustainability Festival became an yearly event of the University of Bolzano. We feel honoured and proud to be able to offer this opportunity to our community. Every edition is special and unique. It has the power to attract beautiful people for a great cause. 

about us

We are a group of students coming from different faculties and united by one passion, the love for the planet. Each one of us was able to put into practice our various skills and knowledge in order to create this year’s festival. 

green event

Green Events are planned, organised and realised according to criteria of sustainability. The essential factors are efficiency of resources, waste management, regional added value and social responsibility.

In order to obtain the GreenEvent certification, the Sustainability Festival organisation has implemented a number of measures.

wob- Waldorf Oberstufe Bozen

The Waldorf Oberstufe Bozen, abbreviate as WOB, has been founded in 2004. The idea at the basis is to prepare every person for life with a deep focus on the individual level– it can be therefore described as a school for life.
WOB has been of enormous support and help to this year’s Sustainability Festival. 


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